Sound and Music

for Visual Media

I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. After graduating Brown University in 2011, I flew to Berlin to study composition with Samuel Adler. I attended Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design program until 2012. Now I live and work in New York.

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Ongoing work with various production companies and clients, including ICED Media, Fox Point Pictures, People's TV, Leaping Elephant Productions,Cowboy Bear Ninja, Good Baby Films,and Teen Vogue
April 2016 - Present (Production Sound)
It Takes a Lunatic
June 2017 - Present (Producer, Production Sound)
100 Monologues
September 2013 - Present (Production Sound, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
The Adventures of Addie & Addy
November 2017 (Production Sound)
Shade: Queens of NYC, Season One
August - November 2017 (Production Sound)
Stillwater Runs Deep
March - August 2017 (Production Sound, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
July - August 2017 (Production Sound)
The Hunted: Encore, Season Two
July 2017 (Production Sound)
April - May 2017 (Sound Design and Re-Recording Mix)
Love Like
April 2017 (Production Sound)
The Life of One
February; May 2017 (Production Sound and Sound Design)
Not Your Call
February 2017 (Production Sound)
The Idea of Manhood
July 2016 - December 2016 (Production Sound and Edit)
Dear Santa (A Holiday Special)
December 2016 (Production Sound)
"Peru": Travel Web Series Pilot for Paskho
October - November 2016 (Production Sound)
Red Carpet Coverage of the New York Premiere of Park Chan-Wook's Handmaiden
October 2016 (Production Sound)
Zoo (Proof of Concept)
September 2016 (Sound Design)
Goals (Proof of Concept)
August 2016 (Sound Design)
August 2016 (Production Sound)
Mpire Comedy Sketches: "All Tied Up", "Baby Hitler", "Ghost Lawyer", "Clones", and "Door"
August 2015 - July 2016 (Production Sound, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
Sound and Smoke
March - June 2016 (Production Sound, ADR Recording Mixer, Sound Design, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
See You Yesterday
April 2016 (Production Sound)
Night Out
March - April 2016 (Production Sound)
All Tied Up
February 2016 (Score - Unused)
Untameable (Play)
October 2015 (Score)
September 2015 (Sound Design and Re-Recording Mix)
Charles and Mimsie Web Series
July - August, 2015 (Production Sound, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
Untitled Slater Hall Productions Documentary
June 2015 (Production Sound)
Let Go Mother
April 2015 (Production Sound)
Mpire Comedy Sketch: "4/20"
April 2015 (Production Sound, Re-Recording Mix)
Put It On The Table
March 2015 (ADR Recording Mixer, Sound Design, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
Three Daughters
December 2014 (Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
New In Town Web Series
June - September 2014 (Production Sound, Edit, Re-Recording Mix)
September 2014 (Sound Design)
May 2013 (Score)
Condom Run
April 2013 (Production Sound)
Doris and Belinda Web Series
April - July 2013 (Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
March 2013 (Production Sound and Edit)
The Way Things Are
February 2013 (Re-Recording Mix)
Spicy Wit
January 2013 (Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
December 2012 (Dialog and Music Re-Recording Mix)
One Short Sleep Past
November 2012 (Production Sound, Foley Recording Mixer, Sound Design, Score, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
August 2012 (Sound Design, Score, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)
Nyx (Video Game)
October 2012 (Sound Design and Implementation with Gordon McGladdery and Stefan Seslija)
Frozen Peak, Video Game
August 2012 (Sound Design and Score with Ryan Fuhrman)
May 2011 (Production Sound, Foley Recording Mixer, ADR Recording Mixer, Sound Design, Edit and Re-Recording Mix)

Gear List

Sound Devices 664 Field Mixer with KTek Stingray Bag
Sennheiser MKH 416 Microphone
Sanken CS-3E Microphone
KTek K152 or KEG100 Boom Pole and Shock Mount
Sennheiser HD 25-1 II and Sony MDR 7506 Headphones

Denecke TS-3EL T/C Slate
Denecke SB-3 Sync Box
4 Tentacle Sync Boxes
4 Lectrosonics SMQV Wireless Transmitters Dual channel
2 Lectrosonics SRB Wireless Receivers

6 Countryman B6 Lavalier Microphones and Accessories
4 Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Microphones and Accessories
2 Tram TR-50 Lavalier Microphones and Accessories

PSC 50' Duplex Cable XLR and other cables
Batteries and Chargers


Sad news in the worlds of classical music and film these past few days. Pierre Henry, pioneer of music concrète, and David Yewdall, Hollywood sound designer, have both passed away.

After studying under famed pedagogue Nadia Boulanger and composer Olivier Messiaen (one of my favorites), Pierre Henry took up residence with the Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française, a French public...

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